Top 4 Tips for Finding What You Want on Our Website

Every website is different and, just like you, I get frustrated trying to find stuff.  So I thought I’d just make our web site a bit easier to navigate. I’ll add that the most frequently asked question I get is, “What’s in the book?”  If that’s your question too, read Tip #3

  1. To find specific books, put your cursor on the question mark in the upper right corner; then you can enter a few words from the title in the search box. 


2. put your cursor on Bookstore, and the dropdown menu will appear.  Choose Cookbooks, Hunting Adventure, Rifles & Handloading, Rifle Loony Hats or Gun Gack Hats. 

FYI, the Hunting Adventure section includes books with stories of hunting as well as my novel, The Queen of the Legal Tender Saloon.  The Gun Gack books are listed under Rifles & Handloading. 

3. To find out what’s in each and every book, go to that book’s page (see tips #1 & 2), then scroll down. Below the general description of the book is a box with Description, Reviews and Table of Contents on the tabs. Click on Table of Contents and it will appear.  Click on Reviews and you can see what other people think about the book.   

4. To buy or sign in to Rifle Loony News, hold your cursor over the words Rifle Loony News in the upper right to see those options. 


To whet your appetite, I’ve retrieved the Table of Contents from John’s first Gun Gack book: 

Gun Gack I: The Hunter’s Guide to Handloading Smokeless Rifle Cartridges

Table Of Contents

Introduction: READ THIS FIRST

Working Up a Load in the  21st Century
page 15
Modern Rifle Powders    
 page 25
Rifle Primers
 page 33
Rifling Twist
page 43
Pre-Testing Big Game Bullets
page 51
Sizing Cases Straight
page 61
Meat Hunting Bullets
page 67
Why Reloading Data Varies
page 73
Choosing Varmint Bullets
page 81
 The Three Factory .17’s    
 page 89                      
Why the .204 Ruger Works So Well        
page 97
The .22 Hornet and K-Hornet    
page  103                                        
 The .221 Fireball in a 700 Classic
page 111
The “Triple Deuce” (.222 Remington)
page 117
 .223 Remington: The Smallest All-Around Cartridge      
page 123                              
Newer Powders in the .22-250
page 129
The Infamous, Accurate .220 Swift
page 135

A Pair of Fast .22’s
page 143
6mm PPC, the Essence of Accuracy
page 151
Untangling the 6mm Lee Navy
page 157
.243 Winchester: Popular Imperfection
page 163
The Other Two .24’s: 6mm Remington and .240 Weatherby
page 171
A Pair of .25-20 Winchesters
page 177
The Accurate .25’s
page 185
 .25-06, The Most Popular “Quarter-Bore”
page 195
The 6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer
page 203
The 6.5 Creedmoor—Modern Accuracy Distilled
page 209
The 6.5×55 Swedish-Norwegian Mauser
page 217
The 6.5/.284 and 6.5-06
page 223
 Reviving the .264 Winchester Magnum  
page 229              
26 Nosler—The Hottest 6.5
page 237
The 21st-Century .270 Winchester
page 243
7×57 and 7mm-08 Remington—A Perfect Pair
page 253
The Hard-Luck .280 Remington
page 261
.280 Ackley Improved and 7mm SAUM
page 267
 Remington’s Phenomenal 7mm Magnum
page 275
 Handloading the .30-30—If You Simply Must
page 281
Easy Accuracy from The .308 Winchester
page 289
 The 7.5×55: A “Metric” .30 Caliber
page 295

 The .30-06—Still the Finest All-Around Big Game Cartridge
page 301
 Holland & Holland’s “Super Thirty”
page 307
 Winchester’s Most Popular .300 Magnum
page 317
 Roy’s Famous .300
page 323
Great Britain’s Great .303
page 329
 Modern Powders in Two Old 8×57’s
page 339
 Kinder, Gentler .338’s
page 347
The Changing .338 Winchester Magnum
page 353
 The .338 Lapua Magnum, King of the Wide-Open Spaces
page 359
 .348 Winchester—Only The Lonely
page 365
 The Original .35 Remington
page 373
 Colonel Whelen’s Fine .35
page 381
 9.3×62 Mauser, the Working Man’s Medium-Bore
page 387
 The .375 H&H, Still the King
page 393
 Modernizing Two Old .40’s
page 399

Epilogue: The Lure of the B-S
page 411

Appendix 1: The Rules
page 419
Appendix 2: John’s Recoil Formula
page 425
Appendix 3: Manufacturer’s Contact Information
page 429

page 433

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