Making Wild Game Sausage
Guajillo Pepper Chili

Stocking the Freezer with Ready-to-Eat Chilies

Chilies have to be the favorite dish in hunting camp. They’re…
wild turkey recipes

The Trouble with Turkey Legs

In the freezer, I had two packages of ‘turkey legs.’  Once…

Cold-Weather Tex-Mex Pocket Food

Cold-Weather Tex-Mex Pocket Food You’ll have to forgive me…
Christmas Goose Dinner

The Perfect 2-Ingredient Upgrade for your Christmas Goose

Like a lot of people I love hunting geese. Part of the attraction…
creole sausage recipe

The Science of Sausage-and Getting that Creamy Texture

Sometimes the first thing you do is the best thing. I was confronted…
venison stir fry

Easy Venison Stir Fry with Sweet Potato Fries

A Quick and Easy Venison or Wild Pig Stir Fry with Sweet Potato…
Venison Quesadilla

Scouting for Next Season’s Big Buck? Here’s the snack you need: A Hand-Held Venison Quesadilla

I love quesadillas, but they’re hard to eat in a blind—or…
Venison Taco Salad

Venison Taco Salad Seasoned with Homemade Spice Mix: It’s easy!

Why bother making your own spice mix? Here’s just a few reasons…
Slow Cooker Tips For Wild Game

Slow Cooker Tips for Cooking Wild Game and Anything Else

    There was a recent article in CNet: 5…