burbot recipe

A Simple Ice Fishing Burbot (ling cod, faux lobster) Recipe

Our friend John L. gave us a little gift last Saturday morning. …
Upland Game Bird Curry Wraps

Upland De Arbol Curry Wraps with 2 dipping sauces

Mixing it up We’d been eating a lot of red meat lately,…
Wild Game Appetizers - Quail Empanadas

Two Wild Game Appetizers for this Merry December Week

It’s that partying time of year and I’m feeling it.  Yes,…
Wild Pig Soup

The Pearl Piggy – Perfect Wild Pig Soup for a Cold Winter’s Night!

You may not be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,…
Wild Game Bird Recipe

Winging It: A Wild Game Bird Recipe and Video

Today I have a delicious wild game bird recipe for you to try. Last…
Rooster Pot Roast

Plucking Birds Made Easy

Plucking birds made easy, pot roasting tough old roosters and…
making meat after antelope hunting

Making Meat: Algor and Rigor Mortis, Elusive Brothers of Tender and Tasty Game Care

You’ve heard of Rigor Mortis? Meet his younger brother, Algor.  Let’s…
Venison Bourguignon

Congratulations! It’s a Venison Bourguignon!

Have a special event coming up?  We do. In early October we’re…
EZ Turkey Bacon Jerky

Carrying Breakfast In Your Pocket: EZ Bacon Jerky

This EZ Bacon Jerky is just 1 of 103 wild jerky recipes in Stalking…
Early Birds Recipe

A Frontier Recipe for Early Birds

This is one of those dishes that fills the house with good old…