Gearing Up Your Hunting Scope

Gearing Up Your Scope

Years ago, John and I both had optics columns in magazines—his…
How Hunting Bullets Expand On Impact

How Hunting Bullets Expand

A short excerpt from Gun Gack III: Once More into the Breech Many…
Fixing Overcooked Game Meat

Fix the Overcooked Game Part 2: The Backwards Marinade

In the last blog post I offered a tasty spread with cream cheese…
How To Cook Wild Game

How to Cook Wild Game Perfectly

The tools of the trade include oven thermometers, so you can…
Wild Game Breakfast in a Cup

Brunch in a Cup

The Other First Wild Game Breakfast Option—in a cup! Whether…
Off The Cuff - Wild Game Chili

Off The Cuff Chili

My fellow-foodie friend, Jeff John, who also happens to be a…
Northern Pike Fish Sticks

Northern Pike Fish Sticks

When it comes to fishing, there’s nothing I like better than…
Pig Kabobs

Wild pig, a stick, and fire. Anyone need a rub?

I love soy sauce-based kabobs as much as anyone, but with two…
John Cooking an Irish Breakfast

St Patty’s Day Is Coming: Irish Breakfast Anyone?

The very first post I did on this blog was 2 years ago—and…
Balsamic Parmesan Venison Steaks

Pan Roasted Balsamic Vinegar Parmesan Venison Steaks

Balsamic Parmesan Marinated Venison Steaks Serves 2-4 I know. …