Poached Pheasant Salad Recipe

Poached Pheasant Salad

A Tasty Pheasant Salad Recipe for warm weather—and a variation…
Marinated Venison Jerky

Barbecue Marinated Venison Jerky Strips

Barbecue Marinated Venison Jerky Strips: A venison jerky recipe…
Wild Game Burgoo

Wild Game Burgoo

Looking for a game bird recipe? Maybe a wild pig recipe? A recipe…
Grilled Venison Steaks

Tangy Sweet and Sour Grilled Venison Steaks

Tenderizing Venison and Tips on Seasoning Your Grill for Non-Stick…
Marinated Venison Kabobs Recipe

Old World Marinated Venison and Potato Kabobs

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Erwin’s Sazon Stew - A delicious wild pig recipe

Spring Turkey or Wild Pig: A Wild Game Recipe That Works for Both

What have you been hunting lately? Or more to the point: what’s…
Duck Breast Recipe

Waterfowl Carnitas: a Goose/Duck Breast Recipe with an Easy Waterfowl Marinade

Ready for a goose/duck marinade and pull-apart breast meat? How…
Venison Kabobs

Marinated Venison Kabobs on the Grill

It’s getting warm enough now, even in Montana to fire up the…
sharp tailed grouse breast recipe

Fixing What Ails Our Least Favorite Upland Birds: A Sage/Sharp-tailed Grouse Breast Recipe

Fixing What Ails Our Least Favorite Upland Birds: A Sage/Sharp…
Chili Boats - Venison Burger Chili

Chili Boats – A sweet and Spicy Venison Burger Chili Recipe You’ll Love

This basic venison burger chili recipe has gone through many…