Making Wild Game Sausage
Guajillo Pepper Chili

Stocking the Freezer with Ready-to-Eat Chilies

Chilies have to be the favorite dish in hunting camp. They’re…
annealing rifle cases

Annealing Rifle Cases

The reason for annealing rifle cases is to prevent necks…
wild turkey recipes

The Trouble with Turkey Legs

In the freezer, I had two packages of ‘turkey legs.’  Once…
Sub-Caliber Varmint Bullets

“Sub-Caliber” Varmint Bullets

Recently I realized my bullet shelves were overloaded. No,…

Cold-Weather Tex-Mex Pocket Food

Cold-Weather Tex-Mex Pocket Food You’ll have to forgive me…
Bullet Alignment

Why Bullet Alignment Can Be Important

Recently the concept of bullet alignment in a rifle case…
Christmas Goose Dinner

The Perfect 2-Ingredient Upgrade for your Christmas Goose

Like a lot of people I love hunting geese. Part of the attraction…
Preparing Wild Game Meat

Eating Wild Game: The Best Part

There’s a very simple rule about eating wild game and all four-footed…
Wild Game Field Care

Wild Game Field Care: Easy Tricks for Great Tasting Meals

Wild Game Field Care Is Important But It Doesn't Have to Be…