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Dry Rub Goose Poppers

Goose season is just a few days away and we’re scouting our spots for opening day, so we can fill the freezer.  What happens then? Well, it’s still warm, so let’s light up the grill with one of our favorite goose recipes! FYI:  This delicious goose recipe is from Tenderize the Wild: Marinades, brines and […]

2 Tasty Go-Withs for Game Steaks and Roasts

My 2 favorite Wild Game Condiments? Pecan Pesto and Salsa.  And whether you garden or not, this is the time of year to make them, because they’re abundant. Have tomatoes in the garden that haven’t ripened, green tomatoes are just as good in salsa as red ones, and can be substituted one-for-one without changing anything […]

Smoky Cheez-It® Pepper Jack Chili

From Rifle Loony News, November 2018 (read it online or in bookform)  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-the-second-five-years/ Do you need a simple, stick-to-your-ribs dish for hunting camp? An easy Saturday dig-in-any-time-pot-on-the-stove? Or just something to clear out the last little white packages in the freezer? The ones you’ve been avoiding for the last 364 days. This just might […]

Liver-Eatin’ Lena: Two great liver recipes (Yes, really)

The dog treat liver recipe came from Rifle Loony News,  Volume 1 Issue 2:, The chopped liver recipe from Art of Wild Game Cooking, long out of print: https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-the-first-five-years/    Listen, you’re not the only one who needs to keep up your energy level in the field. Don’t forget that bird dog takes 5-10 […]

Ten Minute Doves

Ten Minute Dove Recipe – or any other tender pale-meated birds (quail, ruffed grouse, blue grouse, or Hungarian partridge) I shared this dove recipe many years ago in Field & Stream when I was the game care and cooking columnist, but forgot all about it until a bird hunter sent me an email saying he had […]

Grilled Kabobs with Peanut Sauce – for your pale-meated upland birds

From Upland Game Bird Cookery.  On sale now – https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-cookery/ Serves 4, as a main course Any pale-meated upland game bird will work fine in this recipe, from quail to pheasant, Hungarians, Ruffed, Blue and Franklin’s grouse and even turkey (both breasts and thighs). Kabobs are great as an appetizer, or for the main course with […]

Sweet & Spicy Jerky

Sweet and Spicy Jerky Recipe – a burger jerky recipe for bear, deer, antelope, moose, elk, ducks and geese From Stalking the Wild Jerky: More than 100 easy-to-follow jerky recipes for wild game. This just might be the perfect sweet and spicy jerky recipe for any wild red meat. (Yes bear, deer, goose, duck jerky  […]

Upland Bird Poppers (for any pale-meated upland bird)

Upland Bird Poppers (for any pale-meated upland bird) Serves 4 From  Upland Game Bird Cookery   https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-cookery/  Upland bird season is opening here–very very soon.  And while we won’t be able to hunt pheasant yet, there are a plethora of pale-meated birds out there that are perfect for this dish.   There are also a few dark-meated […]

Sweet and Sour Fish Bits

While Tangy Hawaiian Fingers, posted last time, is more of a firm-flesh recipe—pike and muskie especially—this week’s offering is for any pale non-oily fish. And that’s because of the size of the ‘bits.’   Pike and muskie have firmer flesh and will hold together when prepped and cooked into longer ‘fingers.’  Walleye, bass, perch, etc. don’t. […]

What Are You fishing For?

Somewhere, nameless, in Montana there is a huge lake that used to be the number one spot for rainbow fishing in the state.  When they were spawning, you could catch them from the shore, beautiful, orange-fleshed fish, 20-24 inches long and we’d catch several in a very short time, each time we went out.  These […]