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Gearing Up Your Scope

Years ago, John and I both had optics columns in magazines—his in Peterson’s Hunting and mine in Woman’s Outlook.  In those days we were hunting–and traveling to hunt a lot–and ‘testing’ an awful lot of scopes.  It may sound like heaven, all that hunting in faraway places and it was, for the most part.  But, […]

How Hunting Bullets Expand

A short excerpt from Gun Gack III: Once More into the Breech Many hunters believe expanding hunting bullets vary considerably in how quickly they “mushroom,” due to how the bullet’s constructed. In reality, most start to open immediately upon hitting an animal, and how long it takes for the bullet to fully expand also doesn’t […]

How to Cook Wild Game Perfectly

The tools of the trade include oven thermometers, so you can make sure 350° is 350°, as well as simple timers, though these days I mostly tell Siri to set the timer.  (I’ve even set Siri’s voice to have an Irish accent; though I wish I could have Julia Child’s voice on my smart phone.) […]

Brunch in a Cup

The Other First Wild Game Breakfast Option—in a cup! Whether you’re going out for bear or turkey, pike, trout or bass, there’s one thing you’ll need. And it’s not gear. (Oops, you do need that.)  What I’m talking about though, is you, personally, will need energy and while that apple fritter or box of mini […]

Off The Cuff Chili

My fellow-foodie friend, Jeff John, who also happens to be a rifle loony, emailed me a couple of weeks ago to let me know ‘something’ was coming.  Wouldn’t say what it was, except that it was shelf stable.   A surprise! How very cool.  When the ‘shelf-stable’ box arrived at my front door, it was like […]

Northern Pike Fish Sticks

When it comes to fishing, there’s nothing I like better than pike.  Aside from the fun of fishing—especially when they grab your lure 3 feet from the boat—they taste wonderful and have the firmest flesh of all non-oily (as in not trout or salmon) game fish.  And yes, I know walleye exist.  They might even […]