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Off The Cuff Chili

My fellow-foodie friend, Jeff John, who also happens to be a rifle loony, emailed me a couple of weeks ago to let me know ‘something’ was coming.  Wouldn’t say what it was, except that it was shelf stable.   A surprise! How very cool.  When the ‘shelf-stable’ box arrived at my front door, it was like […]

Northern Pike Fish Sticks

When it comes to fishing, there’s nothing I like better than pike.  Aside from the fun of fishing—especially when they grab your lure 3 feet from the boat—they taste wonderful and have the firmest flesh of all non-oily (as in not trout or salmon) game fish.  And yes, I know walleye exist.  They might even […]

Pheasant Pot Roast

Experimenting with flavor Before we start: As it was originally written, this is a recipe for a whole plucked pheasant.  But you don’t have to have a whole plucked pheasant in your freezer to make it: just use the parted out equivalent: skinned pheasant legs, breasts, wings, and then buy yourself some chicken thighs or […]

True Blue Fall Jerky

True Blue Fall Jerky Recipe For 1 pound of sliced red meat A vibrant combo of Canadian whiskey and cloves–softened with a bit with brown sugar–this jerky is a burst of great flavor in your mouth. (It might even warm your body a few degrees.)  As much as I’d like to use Irish whiskey, it’s […]

The Best Venison and Pasta Recipe

It’s a umami fest. So let’s explain. There are five flavors: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and, you guessed it, umami.    Pronounced you-MOM-ee, if you like your meat to taste like meat, love plain biltong and bourbon (without the ginger ale or Dr Pepper) you’re a umami lover.  John is the umami in our house.  John […]