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Tangy Sweet and Sour Grilled Venison Steaks

Tenderizing Venison and Tips on Seasoning Your Grill for Non-Stick Cooking Seasoning your grill has nothing to do with salt and pepper and everything to do with not sticking.  And since Tenderize the Wild has lots of grilling recipes, I included seasoning the grill in the how-to section. I learned this on the internet, and had […]

Old World Marinated Venison and Potato Kabobs

A marinated venison kabobs recipe, with a venison marinade, then a little time on the grill.  Thank goodness it’s spring. If you’re like us, chances are the majority of the meat in your freezer, and majority of wild game recipes in your repertoire are for venison, be it deer, elk, moose, antelope or even caribou, […]

Waterfowl Carnitas: a Goose/Duck Breast Recipe with an Easy Waterfowl Marinade

Ready for a goose/duck marinade and pull-apart breast meat? How about Waterfowl Carnitas? Carnitas (literally ‘little meats’) in Mexican cooking refers to pork braised or roasted until it falls apart, then used in tacos, enchiladas, whatever.  In this case, we’re using the carnitas method in a goose/duck breast recipe, first marinating the goose/duck breast then […]

Marinated Venison Kabobs on the Grill

It’s getting warm enough now, even in Montana to fire up the grill.  Oh sure, winter isn’t really done with us here, but I’ll take the warm days for the gift they are. This venison kabobs recipe appeared many years ago in my wild game cookbook Game on the Grill. That book isn’t in print […]

Hot Ginger Pheasant Soup

It‘s time for another pheasant recipe. This pheasant soup recipe sounds a bit like a scavenger hunt.  But relax.  It’s as versatile as you need it to be.  For instance: if you don’t have chicken soup base, use an equal amount of low-sodium chicken broth.  If you can’t get the lemon grass stalks, the zest […]

Venison Spaghetti and Meatballs

Classic Ground Venison Comfort Food: Venison Spaghetti and Meatballs Have lots of ground venison meat in the freezer? This is a perfect venison burger recipe, with a pretty simple tomato sauce, made even better by adding a 3” strip of Parmesan cheese rind.  (The part we don’t usually eat.)  Once the sauce is ready to […]