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Dry Rub Goose Poppers

Got a goose lurking in your freezer?  Or three? Try these dry rub goose poppers? I know they’re not our favorite to eat.  But they are fun to hunt. Fun to watch them circle a field, the oldest old goose craning her neck like an upside down periscope to check out the safety of the […]

Teriyaki Kabobs with Wasabi Dip

We are all now deep in the heart of grilling season.  Have any pale-meated upland birds left in the freezer?  This teriyaki kabobs with wasabi gamebird recipe will not only brighten your day, but make you glad you’re a meat eater. Feel free to marinate the bird longer if you’re worried about its tenderness.  And […]

Dijon Balsamic Vinegar Marinade for Kabobs

It’s finally warm here in Montana. Maybe in Mississippi it’s been summer for a while, but it comes slow here in Montana—and in spurts.  Warm days, then a blizzard. Warm days, then cold rain. Warm days, then WHOP!!  Hot day. Take the hubs out or plant your garden in mid-May and you’re just asking for […]

Kwik Red Wild Pig Pozole

I know it’s pretty warm right now to be cooking anything in the kitchen, but as long as you leave the smoked serrano chilies to the end, it’s a perfect recipe to do with your Instapot.  I have to admit I resisted the Instapot for the first few years of its popularity. Partly because I […]

No-Bake Cookie Dough Truffles

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we have to stop making sweets.  Especially, rich chocolate treats like these that don’t have to get baked in a hot oven.  If you’re watching your weight, I’d suggest frozen grapes instead, cause these cookie dough truffles are what our PH in Africa would classify as calorie ‘bombs.’  My […]

Caribbean Dry Rub & Totally Grilled Dinner

Caribbean Dry Rub Steaks for a Totally Grilled Dinner Serves 4 Despite the somewhat longish list of ingredients, this is a simple, quick cooking recipe.  The steaks get treated overnight to a delicious dry rub, then you cut a few veggies in half, wipe with oil and grill for a total of 10 minutes of […]

Easy Fish Tacos

I wrote this fish tacos recipe originally for my ice fishing friends, using perch.  Since they ice fished 50 days a winter, when the ice cooperated, they needed another recipe or two to vary the dinner fare.  I prefer fishing when it’s warmer, and really enjoy the thrill of pike when they’re spawning.  So that’s […]

Poached Pheasant Salad

A Tasty Pheasant Salad Recipe for warm weather—and a variation to please everyone I’m like a lot of old rifle powders: temperature sensitive.  Not that I can’t hunt when it’s too cold or too hot, but other things.  First there’s my reading material.  I don’t read books about climbing Everest, ‘conquering’ the South Pole or […]

Barbecue Marinated Venison Jerky Strips

Barbecue Marinated Venison Jerky Strips: A venison jerky recipe with all of the things we love–even a nod to Cinqo de Mayo!  This one is from my wild game cookbook, Stalking the Wild Jerky, that has 100 recipes for all kinds of jerky.  There’s a bacon jerky for wild turkey breast, and a venison jerky recipe […]

Wild Game Burgoo

Looking for a game bird recipe? Maybe a wild pig recipe? A recipe that will serve about anything you hunt? Wild game burgoo is a multi-specie, any-game-animal recipe that is as traditional as wood stocks and tree stands.  And even though this particular recipe doesn’t use venison, there’s no reason why it can’t.  Burgoo is […]