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Mounting Rifle Scopes

In 2008 Eileen had a custom rifle built, and its first outing was a South African safari with me and the head of the rifle firm, who we’ll call Ned. She’d taken a couple animals when the scope went crazy. It was a brand-new Leupold 2.5-8×36 VX-III, and Ned started whining: “I’ve sent back a […]

Temperature Resistant Rifle Powders

June is when many handloading hunters start thinking about working up a new load for big game, and sighting-in their rifles for seasons which start as early as August, whether pronghorns in New Mexico or caribou Up North. However, there’s one potential problem with this early preparation–the wide variety of temperatures that might be encountered. […]

Our Favorite Varmint Handloads

Best Varmint Handloads According To John Barsness Over the decades I’ve done a lot of varminting, partly because Montana has an abundance of burrowing rodents, which farmers and ranchers tend to want reduced in number. In fact my first full-time job out of high school was as a ranch hand in southeastern Montana, where a […]

Preventing Freezer Burn

It’s that time of year when the best-organized freezers get a bit disheveled. That’s what’s happening at our house at least. Way back in August, while dying of the heat and praying for rain, we started some Beach Boys music on the CD player, turned it up loud and did the big clean up and […]