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German Girl’s Rub Grilled Kabobs with Brined Corn on the Cob

German Girl’s Rub Grilled Kabobs with Brined Corn on the Cob Serves 4 Both these recipes come from Tenderize the Wild: Marinades, brines and rubs https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/tenderize-the-wild-marinades-brines-rubs/ I don’t like paying the price for commercially prepared spice mixes when I’m perfectly capable of putting a few things together for a lot less money.  Gideon’s Grub Rub was […]

Coffee: It will also wake up your steaks

The first time I ordered a steak marinated in coffee at a restaurant I was so excited. (Coffee has to be one of my favorite foods.)  But there was no real coffee flavor. No vibrant zing. No buzz.  Then I remembered: coffee’s an acid, only slightly less acidic than wine and tomato (which you have […]

Brats on the Grill

A variation on the Hot Brats in Sausage Season: https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/wild-game-sausage-recipes/ Fourth of July is coming soon, and if you have a bit of big game meat in your freezer, you have what you need to make your own hot brats on the grill.  This is a small recipe, a pound and a half, but if you […]

A Pair of Special Potato Salads

A Pair of Special Potato Salad Recipes (plus what you’ll need for next week’s brats) Summer has finally arrived, though officially not for 2 weeks, and I’ve cleaned up the barbecue.  These last few semi-cool days, I’ve been making sausage, and planning ahead to both Flag Day (June 14) and the Fourth.  Having taken French […]

Italian Fennel Sausage Pizza

Italian Fennel Sausage Pizza Yields one 12” pizza https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/wild-game-sausage-recipes/   This pizza recipe appeared in the latest issue of Rifle Loony News, but here I have more room to elaborate.  So let’s do that.  For the RLN pizza I used grated mozzarella cheese, but if you can find a better mozzarella, say packed in […]


Pop-Kabobs – The Perfect Sharp Tailed Grouse Recipe serves 8   From Upland Game Bird Cookery: https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-cookery/ This recipe was originally written for sharp tailed grouse, in my Upland Game Bird Cookery book Ducks Unlimited published a few years ago.  I’d been asked to write it for Fall 2001 by DU, but 9/11 intervened.  That changed things […]

Bologna Jerky

Bologna Jerky For 1 pound of sliced red meat John and I both love this jerky–as does everyone else we share it with.  It’s partly using white pepper instead of black: it’s just a bit sharper than black pepper.  Then there’s the coriander, ginger, mustard and nutmeg.  It all makes for a dynamic ‘flavor profile’ […]

A Trio of Lunch Meats

A Trio of Wild Game Lunch Meats ½ pound, each recipe https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-the-first-five-years/ A variation on a duck/goose recipe that appears in my Duck & Goose Cookery book, (which is no longer in print) these three variations also appeared in Rifle Loony News, Volume 4 Issue 3. This is an easy to make–and vary–recipe that goes with […]

Maple Bacon (or not) Crackle Cookies

Maple Bacon (or not) Crackle Cookies Makes 6 dozen cookies Need a pile of sweet and tangy cookies to get you through week 10,752 of self-isolating—or just having a bad week?  I hear ya. This is sweet enough, and there’s bacon. Well, bacon bits. (Is it better that you can just pour them out of […]

Scalloped Pineapple

Scalloped Pineapple: a perfect Cinco de Mayo Dessert From Slice of the Wild: Cutting and cooking big game for your table  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/slice-of-the-wild/ Serves 8 I have been cooking this recipe—and sharing it with everyone—since I first tasted the dish at White Oak Plantation, a very fine whitetail and turkey hunting lodge in Alabama.  It was a […]