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Brats on the Grill

A variation on the Hot Brats in Sausage Season: https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/wild-game-sausage-recipes/ Fourth of July is coming soon, and if you have a bit of big game meat in your freezer, you have what you need to make your own hot brats on the grill.  This is a small recipe, a pound and a half, but if you […]

A Pair of Special Potato Salads

A Pair of Special Potato Salad Recipes (plus what you’ll need for next week’s brats) Summer has finally arrived, though officially not for 2 weeks, and I’ve cleaned up the barbecue.  These last few semi-cool days, I’ve been making sausage, and planning ahead to both Flag Day (June 14) and the Fourth.  Having taken French […]

Italian Fennel Sausage Pizza

Italian Fennel Sausage Pizza Yields one 12” pizza https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/wild-game-sausage-recipes/   This pizza recipe appeared in the latest issue of Rifle Loony News, but here I have more room to elaborate.  So let’s do that.  For the RLN pizza I used grated mozzarella cheese, but if you can find a better mozzarella, say packed in […]


Pop-Kabobs – The Perfect Sharp Tailed Grouse Recipe serves 8   From Upland Game Bird Cookery: https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-cookery/ This recipe was originally written for sharp tailed grouse, in my Upland Game Bird Cookery book Ducks Unlimited published a few years ago.  I’d been asked to write it for Fall 2001 by DU, but 9/11 intervened.  That changed things […]

Bologna Jerky

Bologna Jerky For 1 pound of sliced red meat John and I both love this jerky–as does everyone else we share it with.  It’s partly using white pepper instead of black: it’s just a bit sharper than black pepper.  Then there’s the coriander, ginger, mustard and nutmeg.  It all makes for a dynamic ‘flavor profile’ […]

A Trio of Lunch Meats

A Trio of Wild Game Lunch Meats ½ pound, each recipe https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/ https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-the-first-five-years/ A variation on a duck/goose recipe that appears in my Duck & Goose Cookery book, (which is no longer in print) these three variations also appeared in Rifle Loony News, Volume 4 Issue 3. This is an easy to make–and vary–recipe that goes with […]

Maple Bacon (or not) Crackle Cookies

Maple Bacon (or not) Crackle Cookies Makes 6 dozen cookies Need a pile of sweet and tangy cookies to get you through week 10,752 of self-isolating—or just having a bad week?  I hear ya. This is sweet enough, and there’s bacon. Well, bacon bits. (Is it better that you can just pour them out of […]

Scalloped Pineapple

Scalloped Pineapple: a perfect Cinco de Mayo Dessert From Slice of the Wild: Cutting and cooking big game for your table  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/slice-of-the-wild/ Serves 8 I have been cooking this recipe—and sharing it with everyone—since I first tasted the dish at White Oak Plantation, a very fine whitetail and turkey hunting lodge in Alabama.  It was a […]

Rowdy Brined Elk Fajitas

Cinco de Mayo Fajitas Anyone? From Tenderize the Wild: Marinades, brines and rubs for wild game https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/tenderize-the-wild-marinades-brines-rubs/ We’re getting ready for Cinco de Mayo.  I’ll bet our local brewery will be doing some delicious Mexican beers—maybe even better than the two Irish ones they brewed up for St Patty’s Day.  (We’ve brought home a growler or […]

Party Burgers

Party Burgers: Mouth Watering Wild Game Burgers Serves 4-6 From Rifle Loony News February 2019  Online:   https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-membership/  Book:  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/rifle-loony-news-the-second-five-years/ With the Covid-19 raging around us, I am hungry for a greasy burger, but fast food indoor seating is closed and I’m loathe to even do a drive-by…. So today, I made wild game burgers for lunch. […]