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Choosing The Perfect Scope

  I just bought a new-to-me ULA in .243 WSSM, that belonged to our friend Tommy McIntyre.  It was built on Melvin Forbe’s Model 28 action, which is usually used for longer mag cartridges, like the 7mm Rem Mag but, because this cartridge is so short, Melvin shortened the action, so it’s even shorter than […]

Slow-Cooked Sharptail Pockets

How to fix the flavor of game birds and make them more moist as well. I’m not very fond of sage and sharp-tailed grouse—for eating.  There are always the exceptions however.  My husband John and I once lucked into a large covey of sharp-tails gorging themselves on buffalo berries. And by the copious deep red-purple […]

John Answers a Question from 24HourCampfire

Hi Matt, I didn’t comment on the thread because I have no experience with the Heym Express Rifle, though do have considerable experience with other Heyms–including an SR-21 in .300 Winchester Magnum I owned for more than a decade. It turned out to be the most accurate .300 Winchester I’ve ever owned–and I’ve owned quite […]

Surfin’ New Year’s Eve with Upland Birds

Having Company? How about a Wild Game Recipe for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? The holidays are a time of making traditional recipes, the traditional recipe often depending on where you live or what your parents and grandparents did when you were little. And impressionable.  For me it’s always a turkey for Christmas with creamed […]

Lead-Free Hunting Bullets

This is an edited excerpt from the last 65 pages of The Big Book of Gun Gack III, which contain questions from the members of the website 24hourcampfire.com, where I post answers frequently in the forum “Ask The Gunwriters.” Gun Gack III’s Chapter 20 is an updated version of the magazine article mentioned in Geno’s […]

Forster Full-Length Rifle Sizing Dies

Due to being a rifle-writer I feel obligated to try all the reloading dies possible, but after decades of this find more Forster full-length rifle dies showing up on my shelves. Why? Because Forster reloading dies make a very quick and easy job of sizing bottle-necked rifle brass straight, so bullets end up heading into […]

Annealing Brass: Tricks to make hunting–as well as competitive shooting–easier on your wallet

Annealing Brass John Barsness The primary reason for annealing rifle brass is preventing case-necks from cracking—and they will, eventually, because firing and resizing cases “work hardens” brass, making the thin necks brittle. Most rifle cases will survive 4-5 firings, and some will last longer, depending on the brand and method of resizing. However, many handloaders […]

The Least Reliable “Pressure Indicator”

From Gun Gack III: Once More into the Breech An excerpt from Chapter 30: “The Least Reliable “Pressure Indicator” In his classic 1947 book Hatcher’s Notebook, recently retired Major General Julian S. Hatcher wrote about his almost 40 years in the U.S. Army involving various aspects of firearms from handguns to artillery. Hatcher had an […]

Power Case Trimming  (a chapter from Gun Gack II)

Enjoy this free chapter from Gun Gack II, on power case trimming. Some shooters believe rifle brass stretches when the neck gets pulled over an expander ball, but experiments with the expander assembly removed have proven this isn’t so. Some shooters also believe brass flows forward during firing, like a glacier, but this doesn’t occur […]