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Two Wild Game Appetizers for this Merry December Week

It’s that partying time of year and I’m feeling it.  Yes, we’re making chilies and venison steaks with Portobello mushrooms in the cast iron skillet, but many nights we’re treating ourselves to an appet-inner.  Wild game appetizers, for dinner, in other words. Or taking the appetizers to the local brewery to share with friends.  These […]

Plucking Birds Made Easy

Plucking birds made easy, pot roasting tough old roosters and a short video that will make your life easier. Yes, it’s the easiest time to pluck birds. Plucking birds can be extremely time-consuming, I know. And there are a lot of recipes for skinned and parted out upland birds. But what if you could pluck […]

Congratulations! It’s a Venison Bourguignon!

Have a special event coming up?  We do. In early October we’re celebrating our 38th Anniversary. Maybe you have a special birthday coming up, or some other event that just demands a really special meal.  This Venison Bourguignon will fill the bill.  Literally, perhaps, because whatever red meat—or reddish meat—you have in the freezer will […]

Carrying Breakfast In Your Pocket: EZ Bacon Jerky

This EZ Bacon Jerky is just 1 of 103 wild jerky recipes in Stalking the Wild Jerky: 103 jerky recipes for venison, bear, turkey, pig, waterfowl, sliced and ground. Upland bird season starts today: everything but pheasants, which means breakfast will be a hurried affair, but also means turkeys are fair game. Actually, they’re better than fair. […]

A Frontier Recipe for Early Birds

This is one of those dishes that fills the house with good old home-cooking aromas and drives you crazy waiting for it to be done. Plus, it’s not just for doves. It’s a great way to cook dark-meated birds of all stripes: doves go in whole (after cleaning), sharptails pieced out. From Upland Game Bird Cookery:  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-recipes/ […]