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Congratulations! It’s a Venison Bourguignon!

Have a special event coming up?  We do. In early October we’re celebrating our 38th Anniversary. Maybe you have a special birthday coming up, or some other event that just demands a really special meal.  This Venison Bourguignon will fill the bill.  Literally, perhaps, because whatever red meat—or reddish meat—you have in the freezer will […]

Carrying Breakfast In Your Pocket: EZ Bacon Jerky

This EZ Bacon Jerky is just 1 of 103 wild jerky recipes in Stalking the Wild Jerky: 103 jerky recipes for venison, bear, turkey, pig, waterfowl, sliced and ground. Upland bird season starts today: everything but pheasants, which means breakfast will be a hurried affair, but also means turkeys are fair game. Actually, they’re better than fair. […]

A Frontier Recipe for Early Birds

This is one of those dishes that fills the house with good old home-cooking aromas and drives you crazy waiting for it to be done. Plus, it’s not just for doves. It’s a great way to cook dark-meated birds of all stripes: doves go in whole (after cleaning), sharptails pieced out. From Upland Game Bird Cookery:  https://www.riflesandrecipes.com/product/upland-game-bird-recipes/ […]

Deviled Salmon/Trout Spread

Cooling Your Heels and Reels—A tasty fish dish for hot summer nights It’s hot out there, and smoky in most of the U.S., not a perfect time for cooking. But we still have to eat, yes?  How about a cold dinner, casual-like, on hard rolls?  I started making this spread with salmon, but our local […]

Grilled Elk Steak Kabobs

Grilled Elk Steak Kabobs, with Custom-Make Chili Powder and Arboreal Oversight It’s too hot to make soup today, so I got out some red meat from the freezer, specifically elk shoulder steaks from one of two cow damage hunts I’ve done lately, sprinkled it with a good dose of avocado oil and my new favorite […]

Charlie’s Venison Chili

Whenever I go to visit my friend Charlie Sisk, inventor of the STAR rifle, the talk is first about guns and the mechanics of shooting, he taking it upon himself to try to make me as much a rifle loony as he is. I am 100% on board when he talks about shooting, and just […]

Dry Rub Goose Poppers

Got a goose lurking in your freezer?  Or three? Try these dry rub goose poppers? I know they’re not our favorite to eat.  But they are fun to hunt. Fun to watch them circle a field, the oldest old goose craning her neck like an upside down periscope to check out the safety of the […]

Teriyaki Kabobs with Wasabi Dip

We are all now deep in the heart of grilling season.  Have any pale-meated upland birds left in the freezer?  This teriyaki kabobs with wasabi gamebird recipe will not only brighten your day, but make you glad you’re a meat eater. Feel free to marinate the bird longer if you’re worried about its tenderness.  And […]

Dijon Balsamic Vinegar Marinade for Kabobs

It’s finally warm here in Montana. Maybe in Mississippi it’s been summer for a while, but it comes slow here in Montana—and in spurts.  Warm days, then a blizzard. Warm days, then cold rain. Warm days, then WHOP!!  Hot day. Take the hubs out or plant your garden in mid-May and you’re just asking for […]